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Haytham Mones
eSquare e.V.
Association register number VR37329 B
District Court Berlin Charlottenburg
Tax number: 27/664/58065
eSquare e.V.
represented by:
Ms. Haytham Mones, Legal head of the organization
Responsible for the content according to ยง 10 paragraph 3 MDStV:
Responsible for content according to Section 6 of the German Interstate Treaty on Media Services (MDstV):
Ms. Haytham Mones, CEO (address see left)

Global eSquare e.V. cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information provided.
eSquare e.V. as content provider is responsible for its own content according to the general laws. In addition, eSquare e.V. holds no responsibility for the content of external links. eSquare e.V. is only responsible for these external contents if it has positive knowledge of them and it is technically possible and reasonable for the association to prevent their use. eSquare e.V. has checked the external content at the time of the initial linkage to determine whether it could give rise to any civil or criminal liability. However, eSquare e.V. is not legally obligated to constantly check the external content for changes that could give rise to a new responsibility. Only if he determines or is informed by others that an external content triggers a legal responsibility, he will remove the corresponding cross-reference (link), as far as this is technically possible and reasonable.
 We create our Internet presence with the utmost care and take care not to - especially not intentionally - violate applicable law. In the event of warnings against applicable law, we ask that you contact us in advance to avoid unnecessary litigation and costs. Possible cost notes of lawyer's warnings without previous establishment of contact are rejected, since the damage minimization obligation was hurt. We react to unjustified warnings and/or cease-and-desist declarations with a negative declaratory action.

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